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When you are looking to add a little pizazz to your business, awnings and canopies can do just that. Having a brightly colored awning can attract customers by providing an inviting appeal. Let your business be the one that stands out to potential customers while other businesses go unnoticed!  

Attract customers with added color


Not only does adding an awning or canopy invite customers in, it helps keep your business cool. By installing awnings or canopies above your windows and doors, you are keeping direct sunlight from entering your place of business. This will help keep the inside cooler and prevent the air conditioner from kicking on as often.

We can help you save money!


 •  Awnings

 •  Patio awnings

 •  Retractable awnings

 •  Backlit awnings

 •  Door and window awnings

 •  Custom canopies available

Add character and street appeal to your business with an awning or canopy.

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Services we offer

Our beautiful and customized canvas awnings and canopies are perfect for any home or business. Let Quest help you make your space cooler, more attractive, and add more character all at the same time. We also offer other quality canvas services like truck and boat tarps that are customized to fit any size and personality. We also make custom sheep blankets. Call us today!

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